SU Communication Lab

The Communication Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Syracuse University is a research group with a primary focus on statistical signal processing, communication and information theory. Major applications that are of current interest include:

  • Decentralized inference and information fusion
  • Interference channels
  • MIMO communication with airborne platforms
  • Software radio design

Recent News

[Apr 2016] Kapil Borle won All University Doctoral Prize. Congratulations!

[Aug 2015] Kapil Borle successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation titled “On Robust and Secure Wireless Communication System Design Using Software-Defined Radio”. He has since joined Microsoft Corp. Congratulations!

[Mar 2015] Fangfang Zhu successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation titled “Capacity Analysis for Gaussian and Discrete Memoryless Interference Networks”. She has since joined Sandisk Corp. Congratulations!

[Jan 2015] Prof. Biao Chen is elevated to IEEE Fellow for his contributions to decentralized signal processing in sensor networks and interference management of wireless networks.

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